Ethylene Acrylic Elastomers(AEM)

Ethylene acrylate copolymers, also called AEM rubbers, are synthetic rubbers composed of both ethylene and acrylic monomers. The ethylene imparts good low temperature properties, while the acrylic portion improves the oil resistance. The combination of a saturated backbone with polar side groups also provides good resistance to heat, ozone (weathering), and many chemicals.
Excellent weather resistance
Excellent ozone resistance
Excellent thermal stability
Good low temperature resistance
AEM is mainly used in the automotive industry, mainly used to make high temperature oil seals, extreme pressure oil seals, transmission seals, piston rod seals. It is very economical to replace fluorine rubber in a certain range in the automotive industry. In the electrical industry, it can replace silicone rubber and make high-temperature, oil-resistant wires, cables, and gaskets. It can also be used for container linings and oil-resistant products for petroleum exploration, and can be made into special hoses and tapes.