Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)

Styrene butadiene rubber is the earliest industrial synthetic rubber, it has emulsion polymerization and solvent polymerization. The styrene-butadiene rubber has lower unsaturation than natural rubber, so its heat resistance, aging resistance and wear resistance are better than natural rubber, but styrene-butadiene rubber’s strength is low and it must be reinforced before it actually used. Its molecular chain is not easy to break during processing, and its vulcanization speed is slow, so scorch and reversion are not easy to occur.
With suitable fillers, It has good physical properties
Excellent abrasion resistance
Good electrical isolating properties
Poorer fatigue resistance
Carbon Black as a reinforcing agent and products with low color requirements, such as: tire treads, conveyor belts, hoses, molded products and extruded products;
Vibrant and light-colored rubber products, such as tire sidewalls, transparent rubber shoes, rubber sheets, medical products and other general colored products。