EVM Rubber Compounds

EVM is an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer with excellent heat resistance, second only to silicone rubber and fluororubber, and can be crosslinked by reactive extrusion or by pre-crosslinking radiation using a small amount of peroxide, the vulcanizated rubber has high temperature resistance up to 175 °C, and it also has weather resistance, ozone resistance, coloration, and aging resistance. Its vinyl acetate content is usually between 40% and 90%. Copolymers with high vinyl acetate (VA) content have higher damping properties at room temperature, while copolymers with low ethylene vinyl ester content have extremely high elasticity.
Excellent strain performance, can prepare vulcanizate with hardness of 60-85
High strength, improved by filler, strength can reach 18-22MPa
Excellent heat resistance
Good weather resistance, flex fatigue resistance, ozone cracking resistance
EVM is used in several specialty automotive, industrial, and cable applications where superior heat, oil, and weathering resistance is needed. Typical applications include automotive seals such as flame-retardant and chlorine-free hose covers, flame resistant cable insulation, oil and fuel-resistant rubber hoses, and weather and UV resistant translucent rubber articles.