Rubber Compounds
We are processing all polymers for the rubber industry
General purpose elastomers: NR、SBR、EPDM、NBR、CR
Special elastomers:FKM、HNBR、AEM、ACM、EVM
Our skills and advantages
We can offer color and black compounds
Providing ready-to-vulcanize compounds, masterbatches, composite raw materials, polymer blends
Customized Solutions for your Rubber Compounds
Supporting customers for cost savings, quality improvements and increase capacity
Excellent formula development capability
Stable quality – Advanced equipment and quality control traceability system
Well experienced quality assurance systems for excellent over-all performance
Data-management system
Production equipment
Internal Mixer/Open mill
GermanyHF 90L Internal Mixer, Intermeshing
GermanyHF 45L Internal Mixer, Intermeshing
DXS 135L Internal Mixer, Intermeshing
DXS XK-610 Open mill
DXS XK-550 Open mill
DXS XK-450 Open mill
UTH gear pump rubber filter
Single screw extruder
Experimental processing equipment
1.5L Internal Mixer / Intermeshing
Open mill (Double Frequency Conversion motor drive, Electric Nip Adjustment)
Vulcanizing machine
Performance testing equipment
Rubber Processing Analyzer RPA(Alpha)
Mooney viscosimeter
Tensile tester
Resilience tester