Performance and Advantages
We can produce color and black- rubber compounds
Premixed rubber, pre dispersed masterbatch, composite raw materials, polymer blends
Customized services according to customer requirements
Help customers save costs, improve product quality and production capacity
Strong ability to develop formulas
Stable variety - advanced equipment and quality monitoring and traceability system
Data management system
Committed to continuous improvement of quality and process to ensure excellent product performance
Performance and Advantages
Good abrasion resistance
Low fogging
Better impact resistance
Low plasticizer volatility and low precipitation
Good mechanical properties
Good low temperature resistance
Introduce foreign advanced crushing and grinding system and adopt the production process provided by German experts
Grinding at room temperature without refrigeration
The product quality is stable, the particle size distribution is controllable, the spacer is evenly distributed, and the fluidity and mixing of the powder are excellent
The performance of the product can be comparable to that of imported products
Application area
Car dust cover
Car seal
Air hose
Headlight rubber parts
High-pressure damping line
Cables and wires
Product performance
Excellent ozone resistance
Excellent resistance to swelling
Better processing and mechanical properties
Easy coloring