Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)
Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPV)
Product Description Properties
TPE The TPE produced by NordKra is mainly composed of SEBS/SBS+PP+ naphthenic oil + calcium carbonate + additive. TPE is widely used in various industries because of its excellent performance and adjustability. Also known as TPR.
SEBS is one of the the raw materials of TPE , it is cost-effective due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, such as resistance of ozone, oxidation, ultraviolet and weather.
Thermoplastic processing convenience and high elasticity of thermosetting rubber
Good resistance of weather and high temperature
Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
Good transparency and elasticity
Excellent coloring, oil and solvent resistance
Excellent processing performance, free vulcanization
Lower price
TPV The TPV produced by NordKra is an elastomer blended with EPDM+PP, which is formed by dynamic vulcanization. It has the advantages of good elasticity and strong weather and aging resistance. It is one of the thermoplastic elastomer TPE materials.
EPDM is one of the the raw materials of TPV. It has good insulation characteristics, and good resistance of heat, light, oxygen, and especially ozone.
Both thermoplastic processing convenience and high elasticity of thermosetting rubber
Low cost, materials can be recycled repeatedly
Excellent mechanical properties: free vulcanization, low energy consumption, good resistance of aging, ozone and fatigue
Wide range of applicable temperature (-60℃~140℃), excellent high and low temperature resistance
Smooth surface, good sealing, small permanent deformation, good weather resistance, low odor and volatile
Dust cover for car
Automobile seal strip
Air hose
Rubber parts for headlights
High pressure damping line
Sealing ring
Sealing strip
A cart wheel
Cable, wire
The tool handle
Mobile phone antenna
Car antenna